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Are you tired of various acne treatments and not getting results or temporary results at best? Frustrated from years of seeing professionals and still see little improvement from the various carousels of prescriptions and expensive skin care products? The time is now to get the results you deserve from a variety of treatment options designed to work in combination to attack all of the factors associated with your acne.

Acne is a common condition affecting 17 million Americans. The good news is that acne is highly treatable. When the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin become inflamed a production of sebum or oil results, skin cells die and clog the follicle causing acne.

There are many misconceptions about the causes of acne. Acne is not triggered by stress, eating greasy foods, or not properly cleaning your skin. Acne is a medical condition that often is a result of heredity. Without proper treatment, acne can afflict a patient for years or the majority of their life.

Proper skin care is paramount. We will customize a plan for you comprised of medical-grade skin care products and prescription medications. Additionally, we recommend that most of our clients get weekly or bi-weekly facials to promote exfoliation and minimize scarring from acne.

Acne conditions require a multi-step medical solution. There is no one solution for acne as many claim and therefore offer the newest in treatment modalities for our patients so they can gain clearance from this skin condition.

Medical Grade

Skincare Products

Since only physicians may carry these products, they have a higher percentage of active ingredients than over-the-counter medications to more effectively treat specific skin conditions. Many patients suffering from mild acne respond well to these specialized skincare products and are very effective when used in combination with other treatment regimens.


Both retinols and retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A. Retinoids are available by prescription only. Retinols are a milder, less effective form, which the body converts into retinoids. Use of a topical retinoid product can effectively manage acne. Retinoids can be used long-term and have been proven safe and effective, and also diminish some of the signs of aging skin. Retinoids should be used before bedtime because they cause the skin to be light sensitive. Retinoid treatment may also be combined with other skin care products. We will help you determine which product is best for you.

Benzoyl Peroxide  and Salicylic Acid

These common ingredients to acne creams and cleansing washes kill bacteria, therefore suppressing bacterial growth in clogged pores. Salicylic acid has both exfoliating and skin calming qualities as it is made from aspirin derivatives and allows the skin to hydrate and retain moisture naturally. However, these are typically superficial to the skin when combined with creams and washes and therefore results are not easily achieved as a stand-alone treatment for acne.
Ultraviolet light therapy
Medical grade LED light of the right wavelength can be used to kill the acne-causing bacteria. We alternate blue light and red light treatments for maximum efficacy. We provide this easy, painless service and will recommend it for you if you are an appropriate candidate.


The use of oral antibiotics can be an effective treatment; however, routine use leads the acne causing germs to become resistant, which limits their effectiveness. We will prescribe antibiotics in a way that will minimize the risk of resistance.

Hormone modulation

There are a number of therapies that can be effective for women.  Reducing the amount of testosterone expression in the skin can reduce acne breakouts. Oral contraceptive therapy is another consideration, but can take up to six months to fully see the results. Blood tests may be necessary to determine what underlying hormonal factors are present and an appropriate plan established.

Chemical peels

Peels can be used to treat any stage of acne. Peels that target acne have high concentrations of salicylic acid.  They work to unplug pores, exfoliate, improve the texture tone and health of the skin, while simultaneously reducing the effects of acne.

Photodynamic Therapy

This treatment involves the use of a topical solution applied to the affect area, which works to dry out the sebaceous glands that get clogged and cause acne. This medication has to remain on the skin for several hours, and then is activated by a blue light. After the procedure patients must stay out of the sun for several days. Photodynamic therapy is very effective in clearing acne.


Accutane is a prescription medication and we will determine if you are an appropriate candidate, as it requires close careful monitoring.

Treating Acne


When left untreated, acne will scar and though there is no easy way of reversing these scars there are many treatments available that diminish or eliminate these scars. Depending upon the scar and need for revision we offer many choices to correct this unfortunate side effect from acne skin conditions.

You don’t have to live with acne anymore. Call to schedule a consultation and get started on your customized treatment plan today!

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